World Best Rates

Giving you access to the ‘Best Fare of the Day’

As an independent travel provider, FCM Travel Solutions is renowned for providing the lowest logical airfares, also known as Best Fare of the Day (BFOD).

With our own fares database at our consultants’ fingertips, you can tap into competitive rates and a range of other bottom-line benefits through our global reach and negotiating strength.

FCM offers you:

  • the bulk buying power of our extensive worldwide network and travel alliances with a wide range of reputable airlines, hotels , car hire companies and other industry suppliers
  • access to multi-channel GDS systems that contain both published and discounted fares and rates
  • special rates that have been negotiated one-on-one between our business and selected suppliers
  • negotiation of rates that best fit with your corporate travel budget and business goals.

At FCM, we constantly build on our network of preferred industry partners to offer you broad choice, and negotiate on rates to deliver competitive prices. All FCM travel suppliers share our quality approach to service, and offer the reliability and peace of mind so important in today’s corporate world.

To find out more on how you can access the best fare of the day, contact us now.