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A revolution in business travel is coming

The continuing evolution of technology has had a considerable impact on the business travel industry which has undergone a deep transformation over the last decade. It’s now a priority for FCM to keep up with time and lead the way to offering the most advanced tools and best travel solutions in the world of business travel management. We have now taken the first steps for TMC chatbots and successfully launched Sam at the Business Travel Show at London Olympia on February 2017, where over 420 demonstrations took place on the FCM stand and 7700 professionals met Sam for the very first time.



sam travel assistant for mobile

Sam is FCM's 24-hour travel assistant designed to simplify life for corporate travellers by blending artificial intelligence with the expertise of a real FCM travel consultant. Sam is the highly interactivetravel-savvy and anticipatory "Smart Travel Assistant for Mobile" that assists business travellers with all aspects of travel via a conversational interface to answer questions, make recommendations and perform actions.



sam travel assistant form mobile

Dedicated to making business travel easy, FCM's latest creation will support travellers pre-, during and post trip, from itineraries, driving directions, air and hotel bookings, visa advice, local city and country information, local weather and restaurant suggestions. Sam picks up on cues, such as travel patterns and preferences and updates travellers accordingly: the more a traveller uses Sam, the more intelligent the chatbot becomes, so that information delivered to the user is even more personalised.




A trained bot can query, process and respond to data from a multitude of sources virtually instantly. Want a weather warning to prompt you to pack your umbrella? Want to be offered best ways to get to and from an airport – and the ability to request to local cab service at touch of a button wherever you are in the world? Want to be told if your flight is running on time or whether you will need to leave early due to heavy traffic? Sam constantly check all these things intelligently in the background. Need to know if your ticket is changeable or even to rearrange your plans? Sam can help with that too. No need to search exhaustively yourself, or connect to a consultant, a simple discreet messagebased interaction can lead to instant information, or even a completely rescheduled booking, in an instant.
The prospect of a travel assistant with distinct local knowledge and contacts in unfamiliar places can be hugely appealing but having a bot on hand to assist the traveller is also of great use to an employer who has duty of care responsibilities. What better way to be able to manage real-time risks than specific geolocated alerts with instant two way dialogue and support possible? Couple this with the ability to pull data from external sources, and add intelligent understanding and processing into the mix. You have all the ingredients for a really useful digital travel assistant that will take you straight to the next age of corporate travel!

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