FCM Medical

Our Medical department

Our Medical department
FCM Medical is working for several corporate & tourist assistance companies, who carry out thousands of medical assistance and repatriation interventions for their customers.

Our medical trained staff knows perfectly well how to arrange and organize the best possible way(s) to bring you back home safely if you sick or hospitalized in a foreign country or need to get home earlier than planned because of unforeseen circumstances.

We  arrange the transportation also of the medical staff if they need to attend the passenger(s) and we arrange possible stretchers or any kind of medical equipment which needs to be on board to assure passenger(s) safety.

FCM Medical Travel Team solves the logistic problem for the insurance companies, by using scheduled flights, charter flights, low cost flights or if needed air-ambulances or any other kind of transportation. 

You can reach us 24 hrs a day, seven days a week at  32 (0)2719 91 09 

Pieter Gerkens & Peter Poort