FCM Corporate Traveller

Travel solutions created purely for SMEs

FCM knows the SME market better than anyone. It’s where our corporate business started and it will continue to be our signature service even as we expand globally in the future.

‘FCM Corporate Traveller’ offers you all the capabilities of a worldwide travel consultancy, with the benefit of our highly tailored and boutique-style service. With our own highly successful business model shaped to match the distinctive needs of SMEs, we can fully understand your travel requirements, be flexible in our solutions, and build a long-term partnership with you.

At FCM Corporate Traveller, we dedicate a personal travel manager who provides true one-on-one service. Just one point of contact who manages all your needs - from airline bookings, to hotel accommodation, to transfer services and more.

As we are a lean and transparent consultancy, your travel manager belongs to a small and motivated team without the hierarchy that can often complicate service. Supported by a hands-on team leader, our people are highly skilled consultants who are trained to identify with your culture, understand your travel patterns, and focus on your future objectives.

Our people will assist you with every aspect of your corporate travel, in a way that takes the pressure off your everyday business by maximising your savings.

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