Global Video Conferencing

Global Video Conferencing

The Virtual Airline


FCM Belgium recently partnered as the First TMC in Belgium with a company called Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN), founded by Glenn Wastyn with the intention to create the world’s largest and most reliable offsite HD videoconferencing network for the business traveler, 
with and through the hospitality industry, fully integrated into the existing travel booking processes.

GVN “Airlines” could be the alternative for travelling by airplane, train or car and bring multiple together using the advanced technology set up in thousands of locations all around the world and expanding rapidly also. Your company also has the opportunity to integrate internal existing global videoconferencing rooms, where you just outsource the booking and technology.

Unique User Benefits: What's in it for the ...

Business Traveler
1. Time gain - efficient business meetings 
2. Always works without IT support 
3. Convenient booking and use  

Travel Manager
1. Reduce Travel costs without the investment 
2. Reduce CO2 footprint 
3. Reduces the risk of travel into unsafe 

IT Director
1. Less resources to setup and maintain     
2. No legacy risk 
3. No increased strain on your network 

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Interested? Please contact our sales department to arrange a meeting together with a representative of GVN: