Climate Neutral Group; offset CO2 emissions

FCM Travel Solutions Belgium has a partnership with Climate Neutral Group.

Climate neutral flights 
Our climate is changing and the call for more attention to this problem is growing. More and more companies and organisations want to take responsibility for their actions and are looking for a pragmatic solution to reduce their climate footprint. 
FCM Travel Solutions is happy to help you take a step towards sustainable operations. In cooperation with GreenSeat, a part of the Climate Neutral Group, we offer your company the opportunity to offset the harmful CO2 emissions released as a result of your business flights, via sustainable energy and forestry projects around the world.

The costs
The offset costs depend on the number of kilometres flown. For most companies, the costs are between 2% and 5% of the ticket price. For companies that often use business class, the offset costs are around 1% or 2% of the travel costs. Options include subsequent emissions calculation and offset or a completely integrated system. 

Automated offset
FCM offers you the option of integrated offset in the booking procedure. If you choose this option, the emissions of every flight that you book will automatically be calculated and offset. The costs of the offset are included on the FCM invoice. Your travel documents will also state that the emissions of a particular flight have been offset. In this way, your employees see that the company has made a green choice. This integrated offset service offers you the ultimate, simple way to decrease your company’s climate footprint.

We will be happy to advise you regarding the options to fly with GreenSeat. We will gladly provide with an overview of the climate costs of your flights so that you aren’t taken by surprise.

Please contact our sales department at: for further information or arranging a meeting.